DSS, a leader in anti-counterfeit, authentication, and mass–serialization technologies, provides turnkey security solutions to corporations, governments, and financial institutions around the world. Our custom security programs are designed to protect against product diversion, counterfeit, theft, and other costly and damaging occurrences. From risk analysis and vulnerability assessment, to systems integration and monitoring, DSS offers the advanced tools and knowledge base needed to protect the world’s most valuable and at-risk brands.

In support of our larger vision - to be the comprehensive powerhouse in brand protection - DSS has spent more than a decade developing, strengthening and refining its technologies, resources, and manufacturing capabilities. In addition to its AuthentiGuard® technology suite, a line of patented overt, covert, and forensic technology systems, DSS owns and operates its own manufacturing facilities, including DSS Printing and DSS Packaging in Rochester, NY; and DSS Plastics in San Francisco, CA. DSS acquired ExtraDev, a Rochester, NY based company that specializes in cloud computing.

Following the merger with Lexington Technology Group, DSS established its Technology Management division, which invests business experience, legal expertise and capital to develop and support pioneering inventions.

The fact is, no single company encompasses the same level and breadth of services as DSS. And we are continually evolving to thwart the ever-changing threat of counterfeit and fraud, and to better serve you.

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DSS has proven to consistently meet our clients’ needs, and exceed their expectations. Because we specialize in all facets of brand protection—from product protection to plant security, from secure package design and printing, to RFID and smart card production—we can honestly say, we’re the only partner you need.

You could waste valuable time and resources searching for individual vendors that can provide one or possibly two elements of your security program, or you can call DSS—the only company with the capacity to deliver a full scope of world-class security solutions—from start to finish.

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