Data, disaster, and document protection to keep you up and running, safe and sound.

DSS Printing

With each passing year, more intellectual
property and proprietary information
lives as much in the digital world as the
physical one—if not more.

From digital records such as email to electronic files like product labels, your organization has thousands of digital documents that need to be reproduced, printed, shared and store every day. Those documents—your intellectual property and important business assets—are highly vulnerable to a variety of threats. To help protect the digital life of your brand, DSS Digital Group offers a comprehensive range of solutions that can:

  • Prevent system outages from crippling your workflow.
  • Secure and store millions of emails in a state-of-the-art, cloud-based archive.
  • Extend physical and authentication security measures, such as Void Pantograph, Barcode Barricade, and PRISM into the digital existence of your documents, labels and packaging.
  • Provide seamless continuity and backup services for your entire IT infrastructure, so your business and your email remain online even when your own network or servers fail.
  • Support you with unmatched Help Desk services that provide you with a true partner for your security and continuity measure.

Best of all, because DSS Digital Group is a comprehensive provider with a full suite of protection and backup services, you know the solution we recommend will be the one that fits your business best.