Pharmaceutical Industry

Counterfeit drugs put lives at risk. Vulnerabilities can occur during manufacturing, packaging, and distribution.


Documents created by government carry legal weight and authority. Which makes forgeries attractive and especially devastating to victims of identity theft.

Financial Services

Counterfeiting of financial documents has risen 500 percent in recent years, killing bank profits and damaging customer relationships.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Phony parts damage your reputation and can even threaten the lives of your customers. Imagine replacing the brakes on your car
with fakes.

Where are you most vulnerable?

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DSS understands that to truly protect your brand, we have to consider the entire lifespan of the products and documents we help you guard. Which is why we recommend starting with a Product Lifecycle Assessment that identifies all of the potential moments of risk along the way.

A partner who will help you comply with the highest standards in your field.

DSS can help ensure that your organization is compliant with standards established for security in your industry, from credible organizations including NASPO, DSA, and ISO. Our Security Benchmarking service is just one of the ways our Product Lifecycle Assessment can alert you to opportunities for improvement in your brand protection efforts throughout your supply chain.

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Understanding Threats: Pharmaceutical

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Counterfeit drugs cost the industry $21 billion.
But the risk to lives is incalculable.

Millions of people depend on medication—sometimes life-sustaining—and they trust pharmaceutical companies to produce safe, genuine drugs that work. The worldwide fraudulent drug market is growing at an alarming rate, and no moment in the manufacture of medications is safe.

  • Facilities where drugs are produced can be infiltrated using stolen badges.
  • Shipping routes can be long, circuitous and open to diversion.
  • Clever thieves may disguise counterfeit drugs hidden beneath a thin
    layer of genuine ones.
  • Retail outlets may not always use the highest standards to secure
    your products.
  • Counterfeiters have a broad arsenal of tricks, from lookalike products to counterfeit records to repackaged/relabeled medications and misidentified placebos.

Where Comprehensive Security Begins

The core of our brand protection solutions for the pharmaceutical industry is our AuthentiGuard® suite of layered authentication options. AuthentiGuard® can help you stay ahead of counterfeiters—and your competitors—with the most advanced security technology available.

  • Multi-layered security to defend against diverse threats
  • Swift, user-friendly product verification
  • Hidden authentication technology and essential brand protection
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Understanding Threats: Government

Government Graphic
Phony documentation threatens private lives
and the public trust.

The documents created and issued by national, regional and local governments are among the most important and trusted forms of verification in existence. They often serve as a final authority. From social security cards to passports to licenses, they provide people with access and validate their identity billions of times every year around the world.

But today, these documents—and the people who depend on them—face serious threat from counterfeiters whose tools are often easy-access digital scanners and copiers. It's a type of fraud that not only has the potential to devastate private lives; it can put national security at risk. And compromise the public trust.

  • Counterfeiters use phony documents to gain illegal access to secure
    civil facilities
  • Identity thieves take people's names and copy documentation to steal funds
  • Violent-minded criminals may counterfeit passports and threaten
    homeland security

Where Comprehensive Security Begins

Our AuthentiGuard® technology suite is designed to ensure the authenticity of any type any government document, making it virtually impossible to create or use counterfeit copies. From government building access to supply chain management to homeland security protection, AuthentiGuard® includes advanced, cost-effective overt and covert solutions that produce a level of security that can't be compromised.

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Understanding Threats: Financial

Financial Graphic
Counterfeit financial instruments have jumped 500%.
Is your bottom line safe?

The financial services industry has seen a staggering increase in counterfeit money orders, cashier's checks, bonds, bank drafts, and account statements—up more than 500 percent in recent years. Today, check fraud and counterfeit negotiable instruments represent the greatest security problem facing the financial industry.

  • Fraudsters are using sophisticated digital scanners and copiers to create look-alike documents
  • Your operating costs go up as resources are diverted to tracking down fraud
  • Your brand is at risk as customer confidence is shaken

Where Comprehensive Security Begins

Our AuthentiGuard® technology suite is designed to ensure the authenticity of any type of financial instrument. It includes advanced, cost-effective, overt and covert protection that can be layered for unmatched levels of security.

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Understanding Threats: Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods Graphic
Counterfeit manufacturers take in an estimated $600 billion a year worldwide. What's your brand worth?

When consumers reward you by choosing your brand from an array of choices on a store shelf, a service station or a web search result, you want to live up to their decision. But counterfeiters threaten the trust you earn with customers from the moment your product's life moves beyond the drawing board.

  • Nearly any product that can be manufactured can also be illegally imitated, misappropriated, or substituted using your stolen brand.
  • Counterfeit products may be placed in fraudulent packaging designed to make people think they're buying your product
  • Pirates may divert your shipments resell them on the black market, compromising expiration dates and tarnishing your reputation
  • Sophisticated fraudsters may disguise entire palettes of phony merchandise with an exterior layer of genuine products

The counterfeit trade undermines U.S. and international safety standards and threatens your reputation for quality products. From phony parts to forged documentation to pirated packaging and counterfeit labels, the billions of dollars in financial costs are only the beginning.

Where Comprehensive Security Begins

Our AuthentiGuard® technology suite is designed to help guarantee the authenticity of every part you manufacture, safeguard your customers, mitigate business risks, and even help meet audit compliance requirements. It includes advanced, cost-effective, overt and covert protection that can be layered for unmatched levels of security.

From fast, user-friendly product verification to supply chain management security to hidden authentication technology and essential product protection, our advanced security solutions can protect your brand from criminals who'd like to exploit it.

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