Digital Brand Protection

With each passing year, more intellectual property and proprietary information lives as much in the digital world as the physical one—if not more.

From digital records such as email to electronic files like product labels, your organization has thousands of digital documents that need to be reproduced, printed, shared and store every day. Those documents—your intellectual property and important business assets—are highly vulnerable to a variety of threats.

To help protect the digital life of your brand, DSS Digital Group offers a comprehensive range of solutions:



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AuthentiGuard is comprised of three key components that work together to secure your brand.

The Mark: Developed from our patented Prism technology and printed onto your product during normal printing processes, the AuthentiGuard mark contains an embedded code that holds limitless amounts of information.

The Application: Customizable in functionality, look and feel, this application reads the Mark’s encrypted information, determines its authenticity and delivers alerts and information directly to the user.

The Portal: This online tool gives brand owners access to the real-time data collected from the Application reads as well as management access to their AuthentiGuard program.



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AuthentiMark is NOT another QR code – it is a simple, customizable and flexible solution that integrates data directly into your existing system and greatly enhances the consumer buying experience.

The AuthentiMark team customizes a consumer smartphone application for you or works with your developers to integrate this app functionality into your current consumer application. When consumers see your custom symbol, shape, image or word AuthentiMark on product packaging or an advertisement they can read it using the application. The consumer read of the AuthentiMark unlocks hundreds of possibilities for the brand owners and consumers alike.

The consumer data collected from these reads gets stored in the AuthentiMark portal providing your marketing team with customizable insight into the effectiveness of their campaigns and valuable consumer data. This information is collected in real-time, eliminating any fragmentation of reporting.