Comprehensive brand protection starts at DSS.

Our diverse range of security–smart solutions work together to keep your products and documents safe across their entire life cycle—it's as easy as:

Whether you're reacting to a recent attack on your brand, or looking to proactively prevent one from happening, DSS can help. We'll determine where you are vulnerable or at risk, and the optimal combination of anti-counterfeit, authentication, and mass-serialization technologies for you.

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DSS's patented AuthentiGuard technologies cover the overt, covert and forensic spectrum.


A type of security measure
that's visible to the naked eye,
so it can be detected without
any tools.


Secret protection that's
undetectable unless you know
it's there, such as RFID tags that
require detection with
special readers.


Investigation services that
trace where a breach in
security happened, and how
to prevent it in
the future.