Protect your brand and its inherit value.

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets, guard it from real and costly threats, like diversion, counterfeiting, and cargo theft with DSS authentication technology. DSS provides the world’s most advanced authentication technologies—from overt optical imagery, to highly sophisticated nanotechnologies.

Our AuthentiGuard® technologies will empower authentication and investigative efforts, without compromising brand integrity. Let DSS help determine the right secure solution for you!




Phantom hidden


Phantom tilt to reveal

Secure product packaging and documentation
don't have to upstage your brand.

With this ingenious, impossible-to-replicate technology, your brand identity remains front and center. Through Optically Variable Technology, or OTV, AuthentiGuard Phantom authentication technology protects product packaging and important documents. It adds a hidden image to the design that's only visible to the naked eye when viewed at an angle. So it's quick and easy for anyone to verify the authenticity of your brand—including your customers.


How it Works

  • Uses tilt-to-reveal hidden images or words that can be viewed without special equipment
  • Viewed straight on, embedded image is invisible; viewed at an angle, it is clearly revealed, up to 12 feet away
  • Can't be reproduced, with even the best scanner or copier

Key Features

  • No special ink and no special equipment required
  • Can be printed on paper or plastic
  • Hidden images applied directly to substrate during production
  • Embedded image won't interfere with package or document artwork
  • Easier to discern than other OVTs, like holograms or color-shifting ink
  • Phantom message can be adjusted to allow for specific viewing angles
  • Image can be customized by color and message




Prism technology revealed


Prism on Labels


Prism on plastic cards

When you're looking for a cost-effective way to covertly authenticate important documents, identification, vital records, or packaging, AuthentiGuard Prism could be the right technique.

Ideal for businesses and control chain personnel, this DSS security feature embeds hidden words or images using two-color or four-color processes visible only through a special lens—the Authenticator—designed to reveal hidden Prism messages.

This customizable hidden imaging can't be reproduced by counterfeiters —even those armed with the most advance copiers or scanners.


How it Works

  • Fast, indisputable verification tool.
  • Copies or scans of AuthentiGuard Prism protected documents do not contain the hidden words or images.
  • Customized embedded words or images are only visible using The Authenticator.

Key Features

  • The Authenticator may be customized for specific applications.
  • Images or words may be embedded in solid areas or in color images during the single, 2-color or 4-color printing process.
  • Images or words may be customized




VeriGlow seen under UV light and through Authenticator is revealed


Veriglow is hidden under normal light

Invisible ink praised by the U.S. Secret Service

Agents have described AuthentiGuard VeriGlow as one of the most sophisiticated optical authentication technologies they've ever seen. VeriGlow creates a valid image in ultraviolet or white opaque ink, hiding confidential information from the naked eye that can only be revealed using a combination of a proprietary Authenticator lens observed under UV light.


How it Works

  • Invisible ink embedded in the document, label or package during the normal printing process or placed on pre-printed documents or packaging.
  • A special reading system reveals hidden code to ensure authenticity.

Key Features

  • Not visible to the naked eye, uses simple two step authentication process.
  • Ideal for securing currency, passports and other vital records.


Survivor 21™


Close up

In recent years, new banking regulations and electronic archiving of checks have both created new security challenges for financial institutions.

To help you protect your brand, DSS offers a technique that equips you to create financial documents that can quickly be scanned for archiving while still providing an added level of security.

AuthentiGuard Survivor 21 guards printed checks against counterfeiting attempts with a security measure that holds even when the check background drops out from archival scanning.




When backlit, the hidden Microperf message is revealed for easy authentication.

This security measure from DSS enables anyone, anytime to authenticate the document.

It doesn't require any special inks or other consumables. It's an ideal tactic for businesses, governments and law enforcement who need cost-effective document security.

As the name implies, Microperf is a fine perforation pressed into the document that you can view by simply holding it up to a normal light.



The verification mark that is otherwise invisible to the eye and unnoticeable to the touch.

Synthetic DNA


Common Uses

  • Multi use sterile packaging
  • Cosmetics and personal care items
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Food and beverage packaging
  • Surgical and medical device packaging

DSS Forensic Marking System contains a virtually indestructible digital forensic marker that can be applied to ink.

You can quickly validate your product using a spectrometry scanner when this marker is applied in original documents and packaging. Every scan must match as closely as a strand of DNA, which ensures brand authentication, and deters counterfeiting attempts. Synthetic DNA can be integrated with other taggants, such as RFID or barcodes, for cross–verification. This technology can also be incorporated with DSS’s anti–microbial and anti–fungal features—decreasing health risks and increasing marketing potential.

These new performance coatings, with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties, provide customers with safe, clean products. Other anti-microbial products on the market only provide safety from two strikes of bacteria. However, DSS has 3 times the power, standing strong against up to six strikes. Additionally, tests prove that the DSS anti-bacteria, anti-fungal technology is 99% effective against E-Coli and P. Aeruginosa on a wide variety of paper, label, and plastic products.

DSS anti-bacterial, anti-fungal technology can be applied to the printing process through during production, adding a layer that can be easily paired up with forensic authentication security. Testing for the DSS anti-bacterial, anti-fungal technology on folding cartons has been preformed, evaluated, and third party validated. By using the DSS anti-bacteria, anti-fungal technologies on packaging, not only are you reducing the risk of product contamination, but also the consumer contaminating the product and themselves after multiple uses.

Microscopic Graphic Elements


Some other important benefits of DSS covert markers include

  • Nearly impossible to replicate or reverse engineer
  • Food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade forms are available
  • Forensic levels of coding are possible
  • Compatible with other covert/overt identification technologies
  • Easily identified with simple microscopy
  • Infinite possibilities for unique indicia or brand-owner-specific fingerprints
  • Inside-outside product verification (within the product, on the product, on the packaging, etc.)

DSS’s covert identifiers can be seamlessly incorporated at any stage of your manufacturing process.

DSS Covert Markers place your brand fingerprint on or inside your product as an invisible assurance that your customers are receiving a genuine article. The information contained in the covert markers can be custom-designed to each customer's unique needs and may be in the form of shapes, numbers, patterns, text and logos. Lastly, these markers range in size from 30-120 microns, or in other words no larger than the diameter of the human hair. This makes them undetectable to the naked eye yet easily visible through simple microscopy or digital micro-imaging hardware and software.

The covert markers are applied directly to the product during existing coating processes, not as an additional step; which offers total reliability for placement of the markers on each and every tablet with no additional process changes and no new equipment capital or expenses.



These markers can only be detected by a sophisticated handheld reader.

These covert markers can be embedded on your labels as you print them, and can be incorporated into barcodes, product information and shipping labels. This technology was designed to last throughout your product’s entire lifecycle, enabling you to track and authenticate every step of the way.