Security Standards

DSS’s mission is to assist its clients in developing and maintaining a supply chain security system that creates an acceptable level of risk to meet their industry requirements or the client’s comfort level. The first step it to assure that the physical security and security procedures for all facets of the supply chain meet with established security standards. We prepare our clients to reach a level of security in their supply chain that would enable them to be certified to any of the recognized industry standards listed below.

Regulatory Standards

ISO 28000, ISO 27000, ISO 14000, ANSI-NASPO, C-TPAT/EU, AEO, TAPA

Our experienced staff performs the following to ensure an ongoing security culture and adherence to the selected standards:

  • Assess the existing supply chain physical security systems and procedures against established security standards.
  • Provide security related recommendations and designs to enhance supply chain security to reach an acceptable level of risk.
  • Evaluate security technology in product packaging, identification and tracking.
  • Conduct security training to implement security programs and security standards.

Investigations & Enforcement

When supply chain losses cannot be address by technology alone, human intervention may be necessary. DSS’s investigators can be called upon to provide that intervention to determine the source of losses and to facilitate corrective action. We utilizes a cadre of experience investigators with years of experience gained as special agents with the FBI, law enforcement, and as private investigators to conduct investigations and provide enforcement actions to address supply chain fraud, product diversion, product counterfeiting, theft, grey market, and due diligence.

Our investigators are backed up by a network of investigators of similar experience through out the United States and in many foreign countries.

We'll work with you to:

RESEARCH - When you're still in product development, we'll work with you to research the specific risks in your industry, from black market activity to gray market trends.

TRACK - After we apply mass serialization to your products or packaging, we'll help you monitor it online, so you always know exactly where every unit has landed— and you can recover those that have been diverted or stolen.

RECOVER - Our services can help you get to the bottom of a incidents involving counterfeit, diversion and other forms of fraud, and increase your chances of recovering stolen materials and thwarting counterfeiters.


The importance of security procedures must be effectively communicated from high-level senior management to company staff. It is critical that each employee thoroughly under- stands his or her role and responsibilities in maintaining a secure environment. We will work with our clients to develop a training program and to train employees and partners on security procedures and protocols.

Systems Integration

The integration of security systems to provide a comprehensive security program is essential in today’s environment. Systems must reinforce each other and provide timely, accessible information to the proper end user. Our security experts will coordinate security products with personnel procedures resulting in an integrated security system that will reduce losses and insure a return on the security dollar investment.