IP Strategies that Generate Results

  • DSS Technology Management (DSS TM) is the intellectual property management unit of DSS. It provides strategy for DSS’s IP portfolio, as well as operational experience, legal expertise and investment capital for pioneering inventions.
  • DSS TM’s goal is to identify and manage opportunities for return while rewarding highly qualified innovators.

Industry Experience

  • We typically engage with companies that have originated important innovations but may lack the experience, relationships or capital to succeed on their own, and therefore have not been fairly rewarded in the marketplace.
  • DSS TM initiatives contribute to an intellectual property market that enables innovators to benefit from their discoveries, businesses to improve their competitive position, and investors to profit from prudent risk.

A Record of Success

  • The DSS TM team is comprised of experienced patent managers and advisors that have demonstrated success in generating returns from patents and other IP rights. Their efforts have generated collectively over $1 billion in licenses, settlements and damages awards to date.
  • The company also supports technology development by collaborating or partnering with leading researchers, universities, technology incubators and subject matter experts pursuing commercial development.
  • The merger of DSS TM’s predecessor, Lexington Technology Group, and DSS was completed on July 1, 2013.

Leading-Edge IP Solutions

  • IP management is an essential business discipline. Over the past 20 years intangible assets – such as patents – have emerged as the cornerstone of business value. Identifying and effectively managing IP assets is a best business practice that successful companies actively engage in.
  • Today, more than half of the value of most businesses is comprised of intangible assets, most of which escape the balance sheet. Because patents are difficult to identify and monetize, special skills are needed to capture IP value that DSS TM is in the position to provide.
  • Unlocking this “hidden” or intangible asset value is what allows many innovative companies to compete. It is an area of business strategy for which members of DSS TM are acknowledged leaders.
  • DSS TM is at the forefront of intellectual asset management. Members of the team participate regularly in IP conferences, publish articles, speak at professional and legal gatherings, educate business executives and government agencies, and contribute to the public discussion about how best to unlock the value of innovation.

Our Investments

For more information on our investments, please visit the Portfolio section.