History of Innovation

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DSS Brand Protection:

DSS is a leader in anti-counterfeit and authentication technologies.  Our custom security programs are designed to protect against product diversion, counterfeit and theft.

DSS’ Brand Protection business was founded in 1986 by Ralph Wicker, the father of our current VP of R&D, David Wicker.

Since that time, the Wicker family’s anti-counterfeit innovations have been adopted by government agencies, financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and the majority of North American security printers.

Between 2006 and 2010, DSS made a series of acquisitions to create a fully integrated brand protection franchise that delivers physical and digital solutions, centered on DSS’ Intellectual property, to leading brand owners.

DSS Technology Management:

DSS’ establishment of its Technology Management group in 2013 revolutionized the scope of our IP capabilities and the way that we do business overall.

DSS’ leadership in the development of IP in the anti-counterfeiting industry has been the key to the company’s competitive advantage.  To expand the scope of our technology development capabilities and to strengthen our corporate licensing function, DSS acquired Lexington Technology Group, Inc. (“LTG”), an IP monetization specialist group, that brought to DSS both a needed skill set and important new IP assets in the software and internet space.

Today, Technology Management works to develop and license DSS’ historical Brand Protection portfolio and also acquires and incubates patented technologies that are commercialized through our wholly owned businesses, as well as through our partners.  This capability provides DSS with tremendous leverage to develop new products and earn license fees in our core and non-core verticals.