Our Technologies

The more your brand is worth; the more likely you are to face counterfeit attacks.  DSS's customized solutions are powerful enough to protect against the most sophisticated forms of fraudulent activity, safeguarding brand integrity and value.

Comprehensive brand protection starts at DSS.

Our diverse range of security–smart solutions work together to keep your products and documents safe across their entire life cycle—it's as easy as:


DSS's anti-counterfeit technologies prevent documents, packaging and plastics, such as ID cards, from being copied in the first place.


DSS's authentication technologies add a level of proof to your goods and materials so they can be verified as genuine.


Diversion protection technologies provide unique track and trace functions combined with two factor authentication and can be used in conjunction with existing barcode technologies.

Whether you're reacting to a recent attack on your brand, or looking to proactively prevent one from happening, DSS can help.  We'll determine where you are vulnerable or at risk, and the optimal combination of anti-counterfeit, authentication, and diversion protection technologies for you.

Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive vulnerability assessment.