Digital Security and Brand Protection Solutions


AuthentiGuard is comprised of three key components that work together to secure your brand.

The Mark: Developed from our patented Prism technology and printed onto your product during normal printing processes, the AuthentiGuard mark contains an embedded code that holds limitless amounts of information.

The Application: Customizable in functionality, look and feel, this application reads the Mark’s encrypted information, determines its authenticity and delivers alerts and information directly to the user.

The Portal: This online tool gives brand owners access to the real-time data collected from the Application reads as well as management access to their AuthentiGuard program.

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AuthentiSite, the newest addition to AuthentiSuite, brings website authentication within a smartphone application.

The AuthentiSite team creates and customizes marks for distribution to a Brand owner’s licensed or authorized online reseller’s for placement on their websites. Consumers read the mark on the website with the AuthentiSuite Application providing consumers real-time validity of an authorized website and brand owners identification of fraudulent one - giving your consumers peace of mind while seamlessly preserving your brand’s value. The mark is customizable in shape, size and placement and the application captures evidentiary data on unauthorized websites. This evidence includes, but is not limited to, IP address, photo evidence and Who Is information. The data is collected real-time and stored in the AuthentiSite Portal for your security team’s analysis and follow-up.

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