Physical Security and Brand Protection Solutions


The PRISM™ Mark is the key component behind AuthentiSuite.  Customizable in shape, size and location, the mark is added to your product’s artwork and printed onto your packaging during the normal production process (offset, flexo and digital); creating a seamless integration of your AuthentiSuite program. These encrypted marks can hold a wide variety of information specific to your brand’s needs. Examples include: origin, destination, expiration and serial number.

By utilizing our DSS patented Prism technology, these marks resist duplication on copiers or scanners to protect the embedded code. Prism technology is a fast, indisputable verification tool that embeds images or words into solid areas which can only be revealed using a special lens. Copies or scans of this mark will not contain the original hidden words, information or images.

Pantograph 4000™

Pantograph 4000 is your first line of defense against fraud.  This next-generation void pantograph technology has proven the most effective on the widest range of copiers and desktop scanners.  It is one of today's most powerful security measures in production printing:

  • Embeds hidden warning words (such as “VOID”) or images into a background tint of your document, labels or packaging
  • Reveals hidden words or images when the product is scanned or copied
  • Distorts and obscures the product's original artwork, such as logos, text, and barcodes
  • Works with a variety of colors, and is easily incorporated into one color print runs
  • Lets you customize your hidden messages
  • Continually updated to work against the newest models of copiers and scanners

Barcode Barricade™

Barcodes are often a key mode of authentication at the point of sale.  But they're also fairly easy to duplicate successfully using a copier or scanner, making barcodes highly vulnerable to fraud.  One of the newest innovations in barcode security, Barcode Barricade creates an easily-readable original barcode that will be rendered difficult for a barcode scanner to read on copies:

  • Produces distortions in a copy or scan of the barcode
  • Eliminates or diminishes the ability of a barcode reader if a counterfeit barcode is presented at the point of sale
  • Provides you with an original barcode that's as readable as ever
  • Works with current barcode formats
  • Requires no extra consumables cost


Block-Out provides an added layer of security to documents.  Coupons and gift certificates use this technology to eliminate the risk of counterfeiting that might be attempted using a high-end digital color copier.  Part of a layered security printing solution, Block-Out creates a graphic element that prevents color copies from being made.  When Block-Out is incorporated into your coupons, the only thing a would-be counterfeiter will produce on a high-end color copier is a severely distorted page.  In fact, some copier models will refuse to produce any copy at all.

  • Incorporates a graphic element to the document
  • Produces copies that appear all black, all one color, or severely distorted on high-end color copiers
  • Prevents some high-end copiers from producing any copies at all
  • Can be easily layered with other technology
  • Works against broad range of current high-end digital color copier brands


Secure product packaging and documentation don't have to upstage your brand.  With this ingenious, impossible-to-replicate technology, your brand identity remains front and center.  Through Optically Variable Technology, or OTV, Phantom authentication technology protects product packaging and important documents.  It adds a hidden image to the design that's only visible to the naked eye when viewed at an angle.  So it's quick and easy for anyone to verify the authenticity of your brand—including your customers.

  • Uses tilt-to-reveal hidden images or words that can be viewed without special equipment
  • Viewed straight on, embedded image is invisible; viewed at an angle it is clearly revealed, up to 12 feet away
  • Can't be reproduced, with even the best scanner or copier


VeriGlow creates a valid image in ultraviolet or white opaque ink, hiding confidential information from the naked eye that can only be revealed using a combination of a proprietary Authenticator lens observed under UV light.

  • Invisible ink embedded in the document, label or package during the normal printing process or placed on pre-printed documents or packaging.
  • A special reading system reveals hidden code to ensure authenticity.
  • Not visible to the naked eye, uses simple two step authentication process.
  • Ideal for securing currency, passports and other vital records.

Survivor 21™

In recent years, new banking regulations and electronic archiving of checks have both created new security challenges for financial institutions.

To help you protect your brand, DSS offers a technique that equips you to create financial documents that can quickly be scanned for archiving while still providing an added level of security.

Survivor 21 guards printed checks against counterfeiting attempts with a security measure that holds even when the check background drops out from archival scanning.


This security measure from DSS enables anyone, anytime to authenticate the document.  It doesn't require any special inks or other consumables. It's an ideal tactic for businesses, governments and law enforcement that need cost-effective document security.

As the name implies, Microperf is a fine perforation pressed into the document that you can view by simply holding it up to a normal light.  The verification mark that is otherwise invisible to the eye and unnoticeable to the touch.