Research and Development

Innovation is the foundation of all our products and services.  DSS has been a leader in the development of intellectual property in the anti-counterfeiting industry and it is our belief that our dedication to research and development over the years will be a major source of value for our company for years to come.

Next Generation Brand Protection

Counterfeit is a rapidly evolving technology landscape.  As technologies to thwart counterfeit advance, counterfeiters evolve and become more sophisticated.  We constantly explore new innovative ways to stay ahead of the technology curve to ensure that counterfeiters do not gain the upper hand.  Our historical technology leadership has provided us with a "seat at the table" in government and industry organizations that keeps us on the front lines of this global effort to protect brands and further global security.   

Application Development

Our innovations in enterprise software stem from the efforts of experience entrepreneurs who have decades of experience serving the small and mid-sized business community. We constantly evaluate new opportunities to develop solutions that are differentiated, secure and focused on the unique requirements of this underserved business segment.  In addition to our in-house development efforts, DSS has also partnered with key innovators who help to guide us in developing solutions for new markets.

Hardware Development

The evolution of our Brand Protection technology from a printed solution to an integrated digital platform has expanded our Research and Development focus to include dedicated devices and peripherals that can deliver our solutions across multiple platforms and in varied technology settings.  Our hardware research also addresses the needs of our application hosting customers who need secure monitoring devices that integrate with our historical hardware offerings.  This area of development reflects our ambition to bring core DSS innovations into new markets and to create a holistic solution for our customers needs.