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These days, wallet-sized plastic is all around us.

So is identity theft. It's a widespread threat to consumers.  And it can threaten the security of your facilities, depending on the type of identification you use to grant access.  From ID cards to security passes, these cards are symbols of identity, safety and membership.

DSS Plastics offers a wide range of technologies and security features, from traditional magnetic stripes to RFID cards.  Our products work for a wide range of popular and growing applications in today's market.



  • RFID cards – These cards contain a chip than can communicate with a reader within varying degrees of proximity.
  • Loyalty cards – These branded cards are frequently used by consumer retailers to track and store rewards program information.
  • Gift cards – Retailers and financial institutions offer consumers these stored-value cards, which function much like personal debit cards and contain variable personal data.
  • Identification cards – Corporations issue these to employees to provide secure access to facilities or events such as industry conferences.
  • Integrated cards – These are cards designed to serve a variety of purposes and may feature a combination of smart card technology and magnetic stripes. Ideal for organizations making a transition from a legacy system—such as magnetic stripe readers—to a newer technology platform.

Plastic card production and more. As flexible as it is secure.

If your organization is considering plastic cards or other plastic-based printed materials, whether as IDs, passes or even gift cards, turn to DSS Plastics for highly secure, cost-effective solutions to your next project.

Our printed cards that incorporate a variety of data-storage and security techniques—from magnetic stripes to RFID to our exclusive AuthentiGuard suite.

DSS Plastics brings three decades of experience in plastic card production.  There are thousands of applications when it comes to printing on plastic.


Security Capabilities

  • Chip card manufacturing equipment
  • Guilloche pattern
  • Watermark technology
  • Embedded holograms
  • Micro-fine printing
  • DNA matrix
ID Cards with Embedded Watermark Security Badges A variety of printed cards with various uses